Team Members

Project Maintainer

  • Nickname: sledgehammer999
  • Role: Project maintainer and main developer
  • Country: Greek
  • Mail: sledgehammmer999 (at) qbittorrent (dot) org

Original Author / Active Developer

Christophe Dumez ('chris')
  • Name: Christophe Dumez
  • Role: Original author and active developer
  • Country: French
  • Mail: chris (at) qbittorrent (dot) org
  • LinkedIn: here
  • IRC: chris-qBT on #qbittorrent on irc.freenode.net
Qt Ambassador
Christophe Dumez is a Qt Ambassador.

The Qt Ambassador Program is a membership-only program that honors Qt development projects. All developers around the world who create products and projects with Qt are eligible to apply. Membership to the Qt Ambassador Program is free and based on your outstanding and innovative Qt project.

Active Contributors

Nick Tiskov
  • Name: Nick Tiskov
  • Role: Development, Unofficial Windows 64bit builds
  • Country: Russian
  • Mail: daymansmail (at) gmail (dot) com
Zsolt Peter Basak
  • Name: Zsolt Peter Basak
  • Role: Forum administrator and owner
  • Country: Hungarian
  • Mail: zsoltpeterbasak (at) gmail (dot) com

Inactive Contributors

Ishan Arora
  • Name: Ishan Arora
  • Role: Development
  • Country: Indian
  • Mail: ishan (at) qbittorrent (dot) org
  • Homepage: here
Stefanos Antaris
  • Name: Stefanos Antaris (aka "Santaris")
  • Role: Development, Mac OS maintainer
  • Country: Greece
  • Mail: santaris (at) qbittorrent (dot) org
  • LinkedIn: here
Mohammad Dib
  • Name: Mohammad Dib
  • Role: Windows maintainer
  • Country: Lebanon
  • Mail: mdib (at) qbittorrent (dot) org
  • Homepage: here

Project Graphist

Mateusz Tobola
  • Name: Mateusz Toboła (aka "Tobejodok")
  • Role: Software and Website artwork
  • Country: Polish
  • Mail: tobejodok (at) qbittorrent (dot) org