You will find in this page information concerning languages supported by qBittorrent and languages that will be supported soon. If you are interested in translating qBittorrent to your own language, please contact me (sledgehammer999 at qbittorrent.org) and see the following wiki page.

Language Translators Status
Arabic Arabic SDERAWI (abz8868 at msn.com) and sn51234 (nesseyan at gmail.com) Up to date
Armenia Armenian Hrant Ohanyan (hrantohanyan at mail.am) Up to date
Basque Basque Xabier Aramendi (azpidatziak at gmail.com) Up to date
Belarusian Belarusian Mihas Varantsou (meequz at gmail.com) Up to date
Brazilian Brazilian Nick Marinho (nickmarinho at gmail.com) Up to date
Bulgarian Bulgarian Tsvetan & Boyko Bankoff (emerge.life at gmail.com) Up to date
Chinese (simplified) Chinese (Simplified) Guo Yue (yue.guo0418 at gmail.com) Up to date
Chinese (traditional) Chinese (Traditional) Yi-Shun Wang (dnextstep at gmail.com) Up to date
Croatian Croatian Oliver Mucafir (oliver.untwist at gmail.com) Up to date
Czech Czech Jirka Vilim (web at tets.cz) Up to date
Danish Danish Mathias Nielsen (comoneo at gmail.com) Outdated
Dutch Dutch Pieter Heyvaert (pieterheyvaert at gmail.com) Up to date
English English Christophe Dumez (chris at dchris.eu) Up to date
Finnish Finnish
Pekka Niemi (pekka.niemi at iki.fi)Up to date
French French Christophe Dumez (chris at qbittorrent.org) Up to date
Georgia Georgian Beqa Arabuli (arabulibeqa at yahoo.com) Up to date
German German Niels Hoffmann (niels at zentralmaschine.net) Up to date
Greek Greek Tsvetan Bankov (emerge.life at gmail.com) and Stephanos Antaris (santaris at csd.auth.gr) Up to date
Hebrew Hebrew David Deutsch (d.deffo at gmail.com) Up to date
Hungarian Hungarian Majoros P├ęter (majoros.peterj at gmail.com) Up to date
italian Italian Matteo Sechi (tomateschie at gmail.com) and bovirus (bovirus at live.it) Up to date
Japanese Japanese Masato Hashimoto (cabezon.hashimoto at gmail.com) Up to date
Korean Korean Jin Woo Sin (jin828sin at users.sourceforge.net) Outdated
Lithuanian Lithuanian Naglis Jonaitis (njonaitis at gmail.com) Up to date
Norwegian Norwegian Tomaso Up to date
Polish Polish Mariusz Fik (fisiu at opensuse.org) Up to date
Portuguese Portuguese Nick Marinho (nickmarinho at gmail.com) Up to date
Romanian Romanian Obada Denis (obadadenis at users.sourceforge.net) Up to date
Russian Russian Nick Khazov (m2k3d0n at users.sourceforge.net) and Alexey Morsov (samurai at ricom.ru) Up to date
Serbian Serbian Anaximandar Milet (anaximandar at operamail.com) Up to date
Slovak Slovak helix84 Up to date
Spanish SpanishFrancisco Luque Contreras (frannoe at ya.com)Up to date
Spanish GalicianMarcos Lans (marcoslansgarza at gmail.com)Up to date
Catalan Catalan Francisco Luque Contreras (frannoe at ya.com) Up to date
Swedish SwedishDaniel Nylander (po at danielnylander.se)Up to date
Turkish TurkishHasan YILMAZ (iletisim at hedefturkce.com)up to date
Ukrainian UkrainianOleh Prypin (blaxpirit at gmail.com)Up to date