Latest: v4.2.5


Public Key for PGP Signing

Starting from v3.3.4 all source tarballs and binaries are signed.

The key currently used is: 4096R/5B7CC9A2
Fingerprint: D8F3DA77AAC6741053599C136E4A2D025B7CC9A2
You can also download it from here

Previously the following key was used to sign the v3.3.4 source tarballs and v3.3.4 Windows installer only: 4096R/520EC6F6
Fingerprint: F4A5FD201B117B1C2AB590E2A1ACCAE4520EC6F6

Windows 7 / 8 / 10

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Current stable version: qBittorrent v4.2.5

Download link: 32-bit & 64-bit installers / PGP signature (FossHub)
Mirror link: 32-bit installer / PGP signature (SourceForge)
Mirror link: 64-bit installer / PGP signature (SourceForge)

Checksum SHA2-256
32-bit installer 7d5ec6993bde912ad35d98e2bb523c6d6022766b058bef0626bd41c8c00b81ff
64-bit installer 62731c7d44c217b79724cb23bef4267570332ed67c1c1feef3f6c803a6f57ef3
Library Version
libtorrent-rasterbar 1.2.6+gita9968916ca
Qt 5.13.2
Boost 1.72.0

High Sierra / Mojave / Catalina

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Current stable version: qBittorrent v4.2.5

May work on older macOS versions. If not, recompile with older Qt version.

Download link: DMG / PGP signature (FossHub)
Mirror link: DMG / PGP signature (SourceForge)

Checksum SHA2-256
DMG 52f86aa8f0e3f5c15013d40ff7789861dc6afdce077dfa461ccff2a56ff0d8f7
Library Version
libtorrent-rasterbar 1.2.6+gita9968916ca
Qt 5.14.2
Boost 1.72.0

Source Tarball

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Current version: qBittorrent v4.2.5

Download link: TAR.GZ / PGP signature (SourceForge)
Download link: TAR.XZ / PGP signature (SourceForge)

Compile instructions over here.

Checksum SHA2-256
TAR.GZ 8b45080860f1322bae5e13866fadf132dc1a8b37a7eafac6c7a3021fa2c97976
TAR.XZ 4b57c86a22e485e5f19ae94881dfda7b8234aa1f20fb0ec6e04972b477f26a4f
Dependency Recommended version
libtorrent-rasterbar 1.2 branch latest release
Qt Latest stable release
Boost Latest stable release
OpenSSL 1.1 branch latest release
zlib Latest stable release
Python (optional, runtime only) Versions later than 3.3.0

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