Latest: v4.6.5

Team Members

Project Maintainer

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  • Nickname: sledgehammer999
  • Role: Project maintainer and main developer
  • Country: Greek
  • Mail: sledgehammer999 (at) qbittorrent (dot) org

Forum Administrator

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  • Name: Zsolt Peter Basak
  • Role: Forum administrator and owner
  • Country: Hungarian
  • Mail: zsoltpeterbasak (at) gmail (dot) com

Project Founder (Inactive)

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  • Name: Christophe Dumez
  • Role: Project founder and developer (inactive)
  • Country: French
  • Mail: chris (at) qbittorrent (dot) org

Project Contributors

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Project Translators

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Project Graphist

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  • Name: Mateusz ToboĊ‚a (aka "Tobejodok")
  • Role: Software and website artwork
  • Country: Polish
  • Mail: tobejodok (at) qbittorrent (dot) org