Latest: v3.3.16

Team Members

Project Maintainer

  • Nickname: sledgehammer999
  • Role: Project maintainer and main developer
  • Country: Greek
  • Mail: sledgehammer999 (at) qbittorrent (dot) org

Active Contributors

Nick Tiskov
  • Name: Nick Tiskov
  • Role: Development, Unofficial Windows 64bit builds
  • Country: Russian
  • Mail: daymansmail (at) gmail (dot) com
Zsolt Peter Basak
  • Name: Zsolt Peter Basak
  • Role: Forum administrator and owner
  • Country: Hungarian
  • Mail: zsoltpeterbasak (at) gmail (dot) com

Original Author (Inactive)

Christophe Dumez ('chris')
  • Name: Christophe Dumez
  • Role: Original author (no longer active)
  • Country: French
  • Mail: chris (at) qbittorrent (dot) org

Inactive Contributors

Ishan Arora
  • Name: Ishan Arora
  • Role: Development
  • Country: Indian
  • Mail: ishan (at) qbittorrent (dot) org
  • Homepage: here
Stefanos Antaris
  • Name: Stefanos Antaris (aka "Santaris")
  • Role: Development, Mac OS maintainer
  • Country: Greece
  • Mail: santaris (at) qbittorrent (dot) org
  • LinkedIn: here
Mohammad Dib
  • Name: Mohammad Dib
  • Role: Windows maintainer
  • Country: Lebanon
  • Mail: mdib (at) qbittorrent (dot) org
  • Homepage: here

Project Graphist

Mateusz Tobola
  • Name: Mateusz ToboĊ‚a (aka "Tobejodok")
  • Role: Software and Website artwork
  • Country: Polish
  • Mail: tobejodok (at) qbittorrent (dot) org